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Protecting Exterior Doors After Installation

Ensuring a high quality paint or stain finish on an exterior door means it has to get to the home and installed with great care. Waudena® takes many precautions to avoid damage in the field during the construction process.

The best way to ensure a quality, damage free door is to order the frame with a cull door installed and order the good slab separately. Our cull doors are a Taylor steel slab built to the exact same specifications as any of our exterior door collections. This means that you can finish install the frame, including foam insulation and trim, with assurance that the good slab will fit in the opening just the same. Drywall splatter or scratches are no concern while the cull door is in place. As construction comes to completion, install the finished slab, remove the sill cover and make final sealing adjustments for a perfect opening when it's time to move in.

To protect the finish during shipping and installation, Waudena® places a poly bag over every slab, whether it is installed in the frame or sent separately to replace a cull door at the end of construction. Slabs shipped loose will be in heavy corrugated cardboard to protect all surfaces during handling.

Protecting Exterior Doors After Installation

Once the finished door is installed into the home, the poly bag must be removed immediately to continue to protect the finish. Leaving it on while the door is in the opening can lead to damage caused by heat and humidity. When moisture gets trapped in the bag during cool nights or rainy days, heat from hot days or direct sunlight can cause the moisture to soften the paint and create marks on the door from the bag sticking to it. Removing the bag immediately upon installation will avoid damage and unnecessary, added costs.

Protecting Exterior Doors After Installation
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