The Benefits of Privacy Glass in Your Door

The Benefits of Privacy Glass in Your Door

Privacy glass is quickly becoming a popular addition to many homes. This type of glass provides a unique way to add style, privacy, and security to any living space. Whether you are looking for something simple, something textured, or adding a decorative element, Waudena® Entrance Systems has a privacy glass suited for each home. Let's break down our offering and how you can incorporate it into your entryway.

The Benefits of Privacy Glass in Your Door

Why Privacy Glass?

Choosing privacy glass for your front door is a great way to increase the privacy level of your home. The glass provides an optimal level of privacy since it is opaque and prevents people outside from seeing what's happening inside your home. However, the privacy glass won't block out the sunlight, so you can still enjoy daylight inside your home with peace of mind of the extra privacy. Waudena offers a diverse selection of privacy glass styles to curate the perfect entryway, no matter the door or house style. Each privacy glass style is available in various sizes to pair with your steel or fiberglass exterior door.

Blanca (Level 9): Frosted and slightly stippled with a textured surface enclosed in the glass.

Chinchilla (Level 9): Fine lines and organic, fur-like texture creates a striking wave pattern when seen from afar, and the textured surface is exposed to the inside of the home.

Cumulus (Level 9): Soft wisps of clouds encapsulated into the glass with subtle textures that increases privacy.

Frosted (Level 9): Blends privacy and natural light to give that peaceful glow as if your door glass is in a cold environment.

Linen (Level 9): Lightly etched glass mimics woven clothing with translucent white glass to create thread-like patterns. The textured surface is exposed to the inside of the home.

Micro-Granite (Level 9): A blend of texture and pattern that emulates small, polished pebbles.

Rain (Level 9): Illusion of rain trickling down the glass in a vertical and textured pattern.

Streamed (Level 9): Organic flow of water in your entryway creates high privacy. The textured surface is exposed to the inside of the home.

Vapor (Level 6): Ethereal play of light and shadow that warps what's behind the glass. The textured surface is exposed to the inside of the home.

Stylish Design Options

Aside from providing privacy, using privacy glass for your exterior doors can also create a stylish, modern aesthetic. From frosted to tinted, patterned, or even textured glass options, you're sure to find the perfect design that adds value and beauty to your home. Here are a few of our favorite ways to incorporate privacy glass into your entryway:

The Benefits of Privacy Glass in Your Door

Full Lite

Full lite glass refers to a door with a solid pane of glass from top to bottom, allowing the most natural light into your home. Choosing one of our privacy glass styles allow the sunlight to enter your home, while protecting what's inside. When selecting the right glass style for a full lite door, we suggest choosing a textured glass as it bends the light and creates mesmerizing reflections. Privacy glass styles, like Chinchilla, are textured on the inside of the glass so you can feel the details!

The Benefits of Privacy Glass in Your Door


Sidelites are narrow, vertical pieces of glass that are added to the side of an entry door. Typically, they're added to create a wider and more grand entrance, but they are a great way to let in more natural light. You can match the style with your front door or add a full lite option that shows off the privacy glass you chose. Soft, patterned privacy glass options, like Linen or Frosted, make the sidelites glow, creating a relaxing and ethereal vibe to the interior entryway.

The Benefits of Privacy Glass in Your Door

Simulated Divided Lites

Simulated Divided Lites (SDL) add dimension by creating division on the glass surface instead of being put between separate pieces of glass. Waudena carries three styles: Contemporary, Modern, and Timbergrain SDLs. Each style has unique patterns to compliment your home style and is available to pair with these privacy glass styles: Blanca, Chinchilla, Cumulus, Linen, Micro-Granite, Rain, and Streamed.
Check out Simulated Divided Lites for Your Front Door to learn more.

The Benefits of Privacy Glass in Your Door

Other Glass Options with High Privacy

Decorative glass is an easy way to incorporate privacy with extra glass features, like caming, glass colors, or mixed textures that increase the overall aesthetic of the entryway. The following glass styles offer a privacy level of 8 or higher:

Topaz (Level 9): Subtle pops of color and patina caming create strong definitions perfect for Craftsman-style homes.

Waterside (Level 8): Organic free-flowing movement created with Black Chrome caming and a mixture of privacy glass.

Crosswalk (Level 9): A modern decorative glass with strong linear lines with pops of gray glass.

Enclosed Blinds (Level 0-10): Adjust your privacy throughout the day with blinds between the glass. Available in five colors.

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