5 Modern Farmhouse Design Tips for Your Home’s Exterior

5 Modern Farmhouse Design Tips for Your Home's Exterior

Why Modern Farmhouse?

If you’ve been keeping up with home design trends over the last three years, you know that the modern farmhouse is the top style choice for homeowners nationwide. The open layout, simplistic siding choices, and small rustic details make for a stunning home. As the interior trend evolves, mixed materials like copper, leather, and fur are gaining popularity to add texture.

Here are five design tips to keep in mind while planning your dream modern farmhouse exterior.

5 Modern Farmhouse Design Tips for Your Home’s Exterior

The Entrance

A beautiful entrance door is an essential part of any house. It’s the first thing guests see when approaching your home, and it should be designed with care and attention to detail. You can add sidelites, transoms, or a double door to make a grand entrance that will wow your guests.

If you want to keep it simple and clean, choose a black front door with privacy glass or Simulated Divided Lites. The black color is a modern farmhouse staple that adds contrast to the siding, and the glass choice will help add a touch of personality.

If you are looking for something bold, choose any color - there aren’t any rules you need to follow! You can add a light blue, bold red, trending forest green, or create a custom color.

A woodgrain finish is an excellent choice if you want to keep it natural. Modern farmhouse exteriors often feature stained or unfinished wood accents, so using textured fiberglass or textured steel door to complement the accents is a great option.

At Waudena, we offer a variety of styles, colors, and door glass to bring your entrance to life. Create a wider entrance by adding matching sidelites or add in a double door. Here are a few of our top choices for your modern farmhouse:

5 Modern Farmhouse Design Tips for Your Home’s Exterior

Left to Right: Cambridge Smooth Steel 4-Lite Modern Simulated Divided Lites with Mistify Black decorative glass prefinished in Symphony | Timbergrain Fiberglass in Oak with Clear glass prefinished in Cabana Brown | Timberline Smooth Fiberglass 2-Panel Flat Shaker with Rain privacy glass prefinished in Beach House

5 Modern Farmhouse Design Tips for Your Home’s Exterior

The Siding

Classic white is a standard siding color for this top home style. The crispness of white stands out from its surroundings as a clean background for additional décor and creates contrast for any exterior elements you want to add. By selecting various siding styles, you will create dimension and make the exterior intriguing to view.

  • Lap siding, or horizontal siding, is the most used style on homes. The siding overlaps each other, which creates beautiful shadow lines. It pairs well with other styles and exterior accents, like stone, and is available in various heights allowing you to mix and match to create a unique exterior.
  • Board and batten, or vertical siding, is popular on modern farmhouses. Using this on the exterior adds a three-dimensional effect and draws the eyes up, making the home feel taller and larger. This style can be used on the entire exterior or as an accent on the front porch.
  • Shake siding often referred to as cedar shake siding gives texture. The individual pieces are often offset from each other to give a staggered look, or they can be placed evenly across for a more traditional shake look.


Learn more about siding styles from Diamond Kote.https://diamondkotesiding.com/color-and-design/siding-styles-to-bring-your-exterior-dreams-to-life/

5 Modern Farmhouse Design Tips for Your Home’s Exterior

The Lighting

The exterior lighting can make a significant impact on the overall look and functionality of the home. Modern farmhouses use barn-style lighting that is often black to create additional contrast with the white siding, but as the trend has evolved, there are plenty of options to make your exterior unique. If you’re looking for more color, we recommend looking into copper light fixtures to incorporate another texture easily.

5 Modern Farmhouse Design Tips for Your Home’s Exterior

The Roof

The roofline is one of the most critical elements of any house because it defines the shape of the building. It also adds interest and character to the house’s exterior. Taking inspiration from its namesake, modern farmhouses use metal roofing to create additional color and texture contrast. Plus, metal roofs can last up to 70 years! If a whole metal roof isn’t in your budget, using primarily standard shingles with metal accents is a great option that creates further interest.

5 Modern Farmhouse Design Tips for Your Home’s Exterior

Porch Decor & More

A porch is a great place to relax after a hard day at work. You can use it as a space to enjoy the outdoors, entertain guests, or sit back and take a break. Because the porch background is more than likely white, adding colorful décor can spruce up the overall look of the exterior. Popular modern farmhouse porch decorations include rocking chairs with pillows, wagons full of pumpkins, porch signs, potted flowers, and door mats. Each of these items are easily changeable for the seasons, allowing you to have a rotating view for your guests.

When planning your new exterior, Waudena is here to help you make the grand entrance of your dreams that will continue to wow guests over and over. Request to find out where you can buy your new Waudena exterior doors!


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