Choosing the Best Exterior Doors for Your New Home

Choosing the Best Exterior Doors for Your New Home

When it comes to building a new home, there are so many details to consider and decisions to make. Future homeowners want to make the smartest decision at each step in the process and often find themselves running down (what feels like) a never-ending rabbit hole of research. The exterior doors of a home are no exception to this process. Every homeowner wants to choose exterior doors that will help keep their family safe and provide excellent energy performance; while helping them create the best looking home on the block. Enter Waudena® Entrance Systems!

At Waudena®, we aim to make ordering your exterior doors as easy and stress-free as possible. We offer a vast selection of door styles and colors to meet the design needs of any home. From craftsman to modern farmhouse and everything in between, we have an exterior door solution for you. Find a Waudena dealer near you.

When choosing exterior doors for your home, here are four exterior door locations you will need to take into consideration.

Choosing the Best Exterior Doors for Your New Home


Your front door plays a significant role in the overall design of your home. It is the first impression your guests receive and can set the tone of the rest of your home. Style is not the only important consideration though; you'll also want to research different materials (steel, fiberglass, or wood) to determine the best option for your home.

Considerations for front entry doors:

  • Home style - choose a door panel that complements the overall architectural style of your home
  • Privacy and natural light - choose panel and glass styles that achieves the balance you desire
  • Color - order your door prefinished from a quality prefinisher to ensure the color and paint stands the test of time
  • Material - be sure to choose a material that stands up to humidity, freeze/thaw cycles, direct sunlight and anything else mother nature throws your way

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Choosing the Best Exterior Doors for Your New Home


There are several options when it comes to choosing a door that opens to your deck or patio space. Some homeowners choose a double or French door style, while most choose a sliding patio door. Sliding patio doors are a great choice because they allow for greater visibility to the outdoors and don't require any extra room to accommodate an inswing.

Considerations for sliding patio doors:

  • Panel color - choose an option that complements your windows and trim
  • Panel size – large openings help to extend your living space into the outdoors
  • Privacy and natural light - add blinds between the glass for adjustable light and privacy control

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Choosing the Best Exterior Doors for Your New Home


Garage service doors offer access to your garage without having to open the main overhead door. These doors often provide convenient access to the side or back yard spaces.

Considerations for garage service doors:

  • Security - pair a quality door with a handle set and deadbolt to ensure the security of your garage and its contents
  • Size - Waudena® offers 4 foot wide service doors which allow for larger items like snow blowers, mowers, and motorcycles to pass-through
  • Style - choose a style that complements the other exterior doors of your home
Choosing the Best Exterior Doors for Your New Home


For many homeowners, this will be their most-used exterior door. You'll want to ensure you choose a high-quality door that is built to stand heavy use.

Considerations for house-to-garage doors:

  • Fire rating - local building codes will dictate the fire rating your house to garage door must have
  • Style - choose a style that helps you achieve your interior design goals and complements your interior doors
  • Color - consider different colors for the interior facing and exterior facing sides of the door
  • Customize - create a door that is uniquely yours with a personalized Waudena Innovations door


Woodgrain or Smooth Texture
Another consideration for your exterior doors is whether to go with a woodgrain or smooth texture.

  • A woodgrain steel or fiberglass door can offer the rich look of wood in a more durable and higher performing option
  • Woodgrain doors can be stained or painted, while smooth doors can only be painted
  • Smooth doors can provide a more modern touch, while woodgrain can help you achieve a more traditional style

Paint or Woodgrain Finish Color
We recommend ordering your new construction door package prefinished in a paint or woodgrain finish of your choice. Choosing prefinished doors helps to ensure your doors look just as expected, and the finish will stand the test of time. At Waudena, we make it easy to achieve any color palette.

Ready to explore all the exterior door options available from Waudena®? Find a dealer near you and connect with us on social media for more design ideas and inspiration. Happy Building!


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