Front Door Styles We Love for 2022

Front Door Styles We Love for 2022

You know how the saying goes, “new year, new me,” but we believe it should be reinvented to “new year, new front door!” As homeowners seek to boost curb appeal and home value, replacing your front door is the perfect solution to add style and value to your home.

While picking the right front door can take a few days, weeks, or months, the result will be a spectacular entry that you and your guests will enjoy for years. To help, we put together our top door style ideas into one easy spot!

Front Door Styles We Love for 2022

Grand Entryways

Add a luxurious look and feel to your entrance by creating a grand entryway using sidelites, transoms, and double doors.

  • Sidelites: A narrow glass unit placed on one or both sides of an entry door. Sidelites increase the width of the entryway, adds natural light to your foyer and helps boost the overall style of your door.
  • Transoms: This glass unit goes across the top of your door and sidelites to add height, creating a grand feeling as you walk up to the door.
  • Double Doors: Adding double doors creates a symmetrical aesthetic and makes your entryway stand out. You get the added benefit of the wider opening giving you more functionality when moving large objects in/out. Additionally, double doors make your home feel more open and inviting when guests visit.
Front Door Styles We Love for 2022

Let in the Sun

Natural light is a big seller for homes; who doesn’t want their interior glowing all day? Consider adding a transom, sidelites, or a full-lite style for your front door to bring in light. The full-lite door doesn’t have to be clear glass; it can be privacy glass that allows the light in but keeps your interior private from outsiders. Or, add a fun decorative glass, like Crosswalk, that adds texture and mixed materials while providing a level of privacy.

Front Door Styles We Love for 2022

Timeless Neutrals

Not one to stand out? Neutral exterior colors are a trend that will never go out of style. You can’t go wrong with picking a classic white, browns, grays, or a natural woodgrain finish.

  • White: Light colors pair well with any exterior palette and architectural style, giving the impression of a clean and simple exterior; and is a safe choice to ensure your front door will never go out of style.
  • Browns: There are many brown colors you can use; beige, light brown, dark brown, browns with cool or warm tones, or even a greige (mix of brown and gray). Brown colors bring warmth and provide an excellent backdrop for your chosen glass style. And just like white, brown is a classic color that you can love for decades.
  • Grays: Homeowners enjoy the soft tones of various grays or the moody tones of black in 2022. Gray door colors come in numerous hues, meaning you can pick a warm gray or a cool gray to complement your exterior perfectly. Whether you have a new, modern home or a home built in the 1900s, selecting a gray color gives an updated, contemporary look and feel.
  • Woodgrain Finishes: If you’re not looking for a solid color, a woodgrain finish can easily incorporate a natural element while remaining neutral. Our woodgrain 11 finishes range from light to dark, with some having red or cool undertones. You can learn more about our woodgrains on our Understanding Woodgrains blog.
Front Door Styles We Love for 2022

Breathtaking Colors

2022 is all about color for both interior and exterior styles. The most popular bold colors for doors are shades of blues and reds, but people are beginning to lean towards pastels (Psst! We can do custom colors!), green, and bright yellows. These colors are sure to make a statement and create a fun, welcoming feeling when you have guests over.

  • Reds: Red is known to be an energetic color and brings attention to your home, just like a red Mustang stands out on the highway. The bold color symbolizes that you are welcoming and enjoy hosting people in your home.
  • Blues: Look around you - blue is everywhere. It’s the color of apps on your phone and is a popular clothing color. Blue represents calmness and peace, making it an ideal choice for your front door as you want your guests to feel calm upon entering.
  • Pastels: Popular on the West Coast, pastel colors are gaining popularity across the rest of the United States. This modern take on classic colors gives a soft appearance while retaining a welcoming feeling of a colored front door.
  • Green: Dark green had a major interior moment in 2021 and is on track to keep skyrocketing in 2022. The rich, earthy tones bring fresh energy and a harmonious feel to your exterior.
  • Yellows: When looking at the color yellow, it fills you with cheer, making it the perfect exterior door color to put your guests in a great mood as soon as they enter your home.

 Tip: Not wanting a bold color on the inside of your home? At Waudena, we can paint the interior side of your door a different color, like white, to not interrupt the aesthetic of your foyer.

Front Door Styles We Love for 2022

Simulated Divided Lites

Simulated Divided Lites (SDL) has been a popular front door style for years. With various types to choose from, SDLs are a great addition to every home and homeowner’s style. SDLs are adhered to the glass panel instead of the glass being separate pieces around bars. These glass styles are popular in modern farmhouse and craftsman-style homes. We carry three Simulated Divided Lite styles, which you can read more about on our Simulated Divided Lites Styles for Your Front Door blog.

Front Door Styles We Love for 2022

Vintage Comeback

If you follow any home design trends, you may already know that mid-century modern had made a significant comeback in 2021 and 2022. As we enter the second half of 2022, there is no sign that this design trend is slowing down. Geometric designs with diamond and square glass cutouts are often found on older homes. Still, as style trends evolve, homeowners are adding geometric front doors to modernize their homes. Pair with a color that complements your siding, and you have a winning exterior.

Front Door Styles We Love for 2022

Finishing Touches

When ordering your new door, add the finishing touch with stylish hardware. Choose a finish that complements your door color or glass style (ex: Your decorative glass features bronze caming, choose the Victorian Bronze finish.) We carry Schlage® and Endura® handlesets in various colors, styles, and functionality options for every homeowner’s need.

Get started by designing your dream front door using our Home Visualizer.


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